Dallas Stars

When the Stars moved to Dallas from Minnesota, they took their uniforms with them. They added a state of Texas patch to both shoulders and the word "Dallas" vertically on their pants inside the two green stripes.

The green became noticeably darker, the word "Dallas" now appears at the top of the crest, the stripes are thickened, and the numbers on the black jersey become white with green trim. Also, the "Dallas" on the pants becomes more squat, since in the previous season, the bottom of the jersey would often obstruct the "D" in "Dallas."

The Stars introduce an alternate uniform in the 1997-98 season. The jersey bears a striking resemblance to those worn in All-Star Games in the mid-1990s. It would also be the jersey the team wore when it won its Stanley Cup in 1999.

1999-2003, 2006-07
The alternate uniform becomes the basis for the team's new home uniforms, and the alternate becomes the new road uniform.

The team introduces a new black alternate uniform. The crest was supposed to represent the constellation Taurus. Instead, it bore a striking resemblance to a uterus, leading to the crest's nickname, "the Mooterus." The crest becomes a source of embarrassment for the team.

The team's 1998-2007 design was not going to fit the Reebok Edge jersey template, so a redesign was necessitated. The team introduced a much more subtle uniform set in 2007. The black jersey features the word "Dallas" arched on the front, with the player's number centered below. It's a design that's used throughout high school and college hockey, but it had not been seen in the NHL since the New York Rangers sported that look in 1946-47.

With the third jersey program being reinstated for the 2008-09 season, the Stars use the occasion to introduce an alternate white jersey patterned after their black jerseys -- with "Dallas" arched across the front and the player's number directly below. In 2010, the white jerseys switched roles -- the one featuring the arched "Dallas" across the front became the new regular road uniform, and the one with the Stars crest became the new alternate.

The Stars' alternate road uniform, which was originally their regular road uniform, is retired.

After much anticipation, the Stars unveiled new uniforms on June 4, 2013. Green is restored as the dominant color, and it's the team's original shade -- which means people can actually make out the green color without it being camouflaged into the black.

The only significant change the Stars made to their jerseys when the league moved over to the Adidas Adizero uniform system is one that can only be seen in the retail store. On the inside of the rear collar, it now reads "Victory Green" instead of "Stars" on the home jersey and "Dallas" on the away jersey.

The Stars introduce a new alternate uniform inspired by the Dallas' nighttime skyline, which makes abundant use of green neon. As such, the team calls the new shade of green "Skyline Green."

Special Event Uniforms

2020 Winter Classic
The Stars wore uniforms designed after those worn by the old Dallas Texans of the United States Hockey League. The Stars came back to beat the Predators at the Cotton Bowl, 4-2.

2021 Reverse Retro
The Stars reprise their uniforms from their 1998-99 Stanley Cup championship season, coloring them in their current palette and making them white throughout, including the pants.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
The Stars create a black version of their original home white uniform from the 1993-94 season.