Detroit Red Wings

a.k.a. Detroit Cougars (1926-30),
Detroit Falcons (1930-32)

Detroit Cougars

Detroit's first entry in the NHL is known as the Cougars, and their original jerseys feature an old English "D."

The Cougars change their jersey, which now spells the word "Detroit" out across the front.

The jersey is now plain white with a cougar head below the wordmark.

The design from two seasons earlier is reinstated, with the "Detroit" lettering now in a white outline.

Detroit Falcons

The team changes its name to the Falcons and wears a color other than red for the only time in its history.

Detroit Red Wings

The team changes its name again -- this time to the Red Wings -- and introduces its famous winged wheel logo. The logo is positioned on the jersey so that the wheel is centered below the neckline, making the logo appear to be off-center.

A white jersey is introduced for games against the Montreal Canadiens, who also wear red.

The numbers on the red jersey change to solid white.

The pants now have a white stripe along the sides.

The crest undergoes a slight change.

The sleeves on the white jersey are now red, and numbers are added to the sleeves.

Names are added to the backs of the white jerseys.

Names are added to the backs of the red jerseys.

The crest is enlarged and is now centered. But the most significant changes are the fancy numbers and the vertically-arched name on the back.

The numbers go back to a block font, but the name is still arched. Also on the red jersey, the tail stripe is repositioned.

The colors on the crest are reversed.

The tail stripe on the red jersey is positioned back to the very bottom of the jersey, and the uniform would not change one stitch for two decades.

The team's long-standing jersey design is carried over intact to the new Reebok Edge uniform system.

As was the case a decade earlier, the Red Wings made no changes to their uniform design when the league went to a new uniform system, this time from Reebok Edge to Adidas Adizero.

Special Event Uniforms

1991-92 NHL 75th
The Red Wings wore replicas of their jerseys from 1927-28, when they were known as the Cougars, in celebration of the NHL's 75th anniversary.

2009 Winter Classic
The Red Wings wore replicas of their original uniform from 1926-27, when the team was known as the Cougars, as they beat the Blackhawks, 6-4, at Wrigley Field.

2014 Winter Classic
The Red Wings wore special uniforms as they hosted the Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium, a.k.a The Big House. The Red Wings lost in a shootout, 3-2.

2016 Stadium Series
The Red Wings beat the Avalanche, 5-3, at Coors Field while wearing this uniform.

2017 Centennial Classic
The Red Wings helped usher in the NHL's 100th year on January 1, 2017, by wearing silver-trimmed uniforms against the Maple Leafs at BMO Field in Toronto. The Red Wings lost in overtime, 5-4.

2021 Reverse Retro
With only one color to work with, the Red Wings had a challenge on its hands in coming up with a Reverse Retro uniform. So they took their original white jerseys from prior to 1961 and substituted the red stripes with silver from their Centennial Classic uniform.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
The Red Wings once again turn to their old Detroit Cougars uniform, this time giving it a red base and black trim.