New York Rangers

The Rangers took to the ice in their famous blue sweaters with the word "Rangers" diagonally across the front.

The letters and numbers change from white to red.

The letters and numbers now have a white outline.

The pants change to red with a white stripe.

The stripe on the pants disappears.

A blue stripe appears along the sides and bottom edges of the pants.

The pants stripe is now outlined in white.

The font of the wordmark changes.

The letters and numbers now have a white dropshadow.

The dropshadow disappears from the letters and numbers.

For one season, the front of the jersey features the word "Rangers" arched over the player's number. This jersey treatment would not be seen again in the NHL for over 60 years.

The front of the jersey reverts back to the word "Rangers" diagonally, and the dropshadow reappears.

The letters on the front wordmark shrink slightly.

The letters on the front wordmark are now upright.

A white jersey is added per an NHL mandate that all teams have two jerseys.

Numbers are added to the sleeves.

The Rangers become one the first teams to put names on the backs of their jerseys.

General Manager John Ferguson makes what many Rangers fans consider a fatal mistake -- he changed the uniforms from their traditional design to a more modern one. After Rangers fans gave it a thumbs-down, Ferguson took the design to the Winnipeg Jets when he became their GM.

Thanks to a new rule, names are now added to the road uniforms.

The traditional design returns, and the road jersey now has "New York" diagonally across the front.

The wordmark on the road jersey goes back to reading "Rangers."

The names on the back are now vertically arched.

The Rangers add a new alternate jersey with a crest bearing the likeness of the Statue of Liberty. This one is well-received by Rangers fans.

The blue jersey goes back to its original striping pattern and now features a tie-down collar -- something that had not been seen in the NHL for two decades.

For one season, the Rangers use a white version of the Lady Liberty jersey.

The Rangers return to the navy blue Lady Liberty jersey, and the white jersey now features a tie-down collar.

The Rangers carry over their existing jersey design to the new Reebok Edge uniform system. In the latter half of its first season, Rangers management -- always resistant to change -- ordered the edges of the curved tails to be hemmed underneath the jersey to make it appear that the tail is straight.

The Rangers introduce a Heritage Jersey as its new alternate. Of note are two things: the inscription on the inside of the collar that reads "Established 1926," and all retired numbers appear in numerical order on the inside of the jersey on the rear below the stripe (not pictured).

The Rangers move their design over to the new Adidas Adizero uniform system, complete with the tail stripes following the contour of the curved hemline. Also, along with all other alternate uniform, the Rangers retired theirs with the move over to Adidas.

Special Event Uniforms

1991-92 NHL 75th
The Rangers wore jerseys based on their originals as the NHL celebrated its 75th anniversary.

2001 9/11 Tribute
In the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks, the Rangers (and their opponents, the Sabres) took to the ice at Madison Square Garden on October 7 wearing NEW YORK across the front of their jerseys instead of RANGERS, similar to what they did from 1978-87.

2012 Winter Classic
The Rangers wore specially-designed uniforms for the 2012 Winter Classic at Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park. The Rangers won, 3-2.

2014 Stadium Series
The Rangers played two Stadium Series games in January 2014 at Yankee Stadium -- both as the designated road team due to contractural factors with Madison Square Garden. The Rangers beat the Devils, 7-3; and they then beat the Islanders, 2-1.

2018 Winter Classic
The Rangers wore this uniform as they beat the Sabres in overtime, 3-2, in the 2018 Winter Classic. Again owing to the aforementioned contractural issued with Madison Square Garden, the Rangers were the designated visiting team in the game played at Citi Field in New York City.

2021 Reverse Retro
The Rangers reprise their navy blue Lady Liberty jerseys, with a different striping pattern on the arms and no white on the numbers.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
The Rangers give their Lady Liberty jersey a light royal blue base for Reverse Retro 2.0.