Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins took to the ice in their inaugural season wearing powder blue jerseys with the word "Pittsburgh" across the front diagonally, in a manner identical to that of the New York Rangers.

The Penguins changed their uniforms in their second year, introducing a crest featuring a skating penguin over a gold triangle.

Names are added to the home jerseys.

The skating penguin breaks away from the circle surrounding him.

The powder blue becomes a couple shades darker.

The crest grows in size, and the stripes on both jerseys change.

The stripes on both jerseys change again.

The stripes on the socks change to the way they were three seasons earlier.

The Penguins change their uniforms, making navy blue the dominant color.

The Penguins change their colors in the middle of the 1979-80 season to black and gold, matching those of Pittsburgh's other two professional sports teams -- the Steelers and Pirates, both of whom won world championships in 1979. The Bruins protested, to no avail.

The Penguins introduce a gold jersey that they would occasionally wear at home.

The names on the back change from two-color to one-color.

The Penguins wear gold exclusively at home for one season, putting their white jerseys on temporary hiatus.

Just in time for Mario Lemieux's rookie season, the gold jerseys are worn during pre-season before being retired prior to the start of the regular season.

The sleeve stripes straighten out, and the collar on the white jersey changes to black.

The collar on the white jersey changes back to gold.

The TV numbers are moved from the shoulders to the sleeves, and the gold helmet becomes white.

After winning back to back Stanley Cup titles, the Penguins change their logo to "Robo-Penguin."

The Penguins are one of the first teams to introduce an alternate jersey. Theirs features sleeves with different striping patterns.

The alternate jersey becomes the team's full-time road jersey.

The Penguins introduce a new alternate jersey, welcoming back the skating penguin and introducing Vegas gold.

The new alternate jersey becomes the basis of the team's new home and road jerseys.

2007-08, 2013-14
The stripes along the sides change when the Reebok Edge uniform system takes hold.

The vintage uniform the Penguins wore in the Winter Classic the previous season becomes their new alternate uniform.

I repeat -- the vintage uniform the Penguins wore in the Winter Classic the previous season becomes their new alternate uniform.

If you've ever wondered what the Penguins' early 1990s uniforms would look like today if they had never changed them after winning back-to-back Stanley Cups, the answer is in their new alternate uniform.

The Penguins' throwback alternates proved to be so popular that they brought back their white jersey from that same era and made both of them their new home and away jerseys.

The Penguins retained their throwback design when the league moved to the Adidas Adizero uniform system.

The Penguins introduce a new gold alternate jersey, featuring design cues from their original gold jerseys from the early 1980s while using the crest from their 2017 Stadium Series jersey.

The Penguins go back to the early 1990s for their new alternate jersey. It's not an exact replica of the black jerseys from the outset of the Robo-Penguin era; instead, it's a reverse of their Reverse Retro jersey from the 2021 season.

Special Event Uniforms

2008 Winter Classic
The Penguins wore replicas of their 1968-71 powder blue uniform in the NHL's first Winter Classic at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. The Penguins won in a shootout, 2-1. The uniform would become the Penguins' alternate home uniform the following season.

2011 Winter Classic
The Penguins broke out a special uniform with a design based on their original uniform as they hosted the Capitals in the 2011 Winter Classic at Heinz Field. The Pens lost, 3-1. As was the case with their previous Winter Classic uniform, this one would enter the team's regular uniform rotation the following season.

2014 Stadium Series
The Penguins wore this uniform as they took on the Blackhawks at Soldier Field in Chicago. The Penguins lost, 5-1.

2017 Stadium Series
The Penguins wore gold jerseys in their 2017 Stadium Series matchup against the Flyers at Heinz Field. The Penguins won, 4-2.

2019 Stadium Series
The Penguins wore a uniform completely devoid of white as they took on the Flyers in the 2019 Stadium Series. In a rematch from two seasons prior, the Penguins coughed up a late two-goal lead and lost in overtime, 4-3.

2021 Reverse Retro
The Penguins' Reverse Retro is a white version of their away jerseys from the mid-1990s, featuring PITTSBURGH in diagonal on the front. Robo-penguin, however, is nowhere to be found -- the shoulder patches feature the current penguin without the gold inverted triangle.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
When the Penguins introduced Robo Penguin following their second straight Stanley Cup title in 1992, they originally wanted to have four jerseys, with two featuring the Robo Penguin crest and two featuring a diagonal wordmark on the front. The NHL said no, so the Penguins settled for Robo Penguin on the white jersey and the wordmark on the black one. The black jersey with Robo Penguin will finally see the light of day as part of the Reverse Retro program.

2023 Winter Classic
The Penguins pay tribute to their Steel City predecessors, the Pittsburgh Pirates of the 1920s, in their 2023 Winter Classic uniform.