Edmonton Oilers

When the Oilers moved to the NHL from the WHA, they carried their uniforms over, changing their crest colors. Up until 1979, the crests on the white jerseys were orange with blue lettering and a white oil drop. On the blue jersey, it was white with orange lettering and a blue oil drop.

The numbers become taller, and for the first half of the season, the names were two-color. By the playoffs, they became one-color (and a very thin font).

The number trim style changes to a gapped outline The neck trim is also slightly different in the first year of this style. Also, note the manufacturer tag at the bottom left of the back of the jersey. Since Wayne Gretzky liked to tuck the right side of his jersey inside the pants, this was done to ensure that the label would been seen on all players, including the face of the league. That's why later in his career, when manufacturer tags would be placed at the bottom right, Gretzky's jerseys always included the tag on both sides of the jersey.

The stripes on the pants disappear.

The team's colors change to midnight blue, red and bronze. It may be hard to see, but the middle stripes are accented with very thin red stripes.

The navy blue shoulder yoke on the white jersey goes away.

The team introduces an alternate jersey, featuring silver in place of bronze and red. Note the five rivets on the crest. Guess what that symbolizes? You guessed it -- the five Stanley Cups the team has won.

The uniforms undergo a change when the NHL went to the Reebok Edge uniform system. The stripes disappear at the bottom, there's now vertical piping on the front of the jersey, and the sleeve stripes do not go all the way around.

With the resumption of the NHL's third jersey program, the team chooses its 1981-95 design for its alternate home look, complete with matching pants and helmets.

The Oilers complete their transformation back to their original look, going back to their original white uniforms for road games.

The original Reebok Edge uniform style is put to pasture once and for all as the alternate home uniform is retired.

To mark the team's final season at Rexall Place, the Oilers reprise the orange jerseys that they wore for their first two seasons of existence when they were in the WHA, complete with the TV numbers inside the shoulder yoke. Of course, it's now in the Reebok Edge cut.

The orange jerseys prove to be so popular with Oilers fans that when it came time for the league to move to the Adidas Adizero uniform system, the Oilers made their new home uniforms orange. Also, the blue returns to the navy blue shade the team used from 1995-2012.

The Oilers introduce a new navy blue alternate uniform, completely devoid of white trim.

The Oilers come full circle with their uniforms for a second time, going back to the royal blue uniforms they wore during the Gretzky dynasty years and again from 2011-17. Their navy blue alternates from the previous three seasons are retained.

Special Event Uniforms

2003 Heritage Classic
The Oilers wore white throwback jerseys in the NHL's first-ever regular season outdoor game at frigid Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. They lost to the Canadiens, 4-3.

2016 Heritage Classic
The Oilers simply added a patch to their alternate home uniform as they faced the Jets in the 2016 Heritage Classic. The Oilers won, 3-0.

2018-19 40th NHL Season
Just one year after retiring their original royal blue uniform, the Oilers bring it back for four games in the 2018-19 season in celebration of their 40th NHL season.

2021 Reverse Retro
The Oilers take the white uniform from their 1980s dynasty years and flip-flop the blue and orange elements.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
The Oilers' gear uniform from 2001-07 is back, this time trimmed in orange.