Minnesota North Stars

The Minnesota North Stars took to the ice in their inaugural season wearing green and gold uniforms.

1968-69, 1972-75
The green jerseys now include a contrasting white shoulder yoke.

For three seasons, the green sleeve ends on the white jerseys disappear. They would come back in 1972.

The North Stars double up on their sleeve and tail stripes in 1975. The crest and numbers also now feature a drop shadow.

The colors on the green jersey's collar changes -- it's now predominantly white to better match the rest of the jersey.

Names are added to the green jerseys in 1977, thanks to a new NHL rule requiring them on all jerseys.

When the North Stars merge with the Cleveland Barons in 1978, the uniforms undergo a minor change, namely in the striping pattern.

The shoulder yoke on the white jersey now has a gold accent, and the numbers have an additional green outline.

The white jerseys undergo a number of changes. Black is introduced as an accent color, the green shoulder yoke is gone, and the crest now appears on the shoulders.

Black now finds its way onto the away uniforms, and the pants change from green to black. The pants now feature three stars positioned vertically along the sides.

In a foreshadowing move, the team redesigns its uniforms for its final two years in Minnesota. The crest changes from the "N" to just "Stars," and black now becomes the team's primary color. Two years after introducing these uniforms, the North Stars move south to Dallas, Texas, to become the Dallas Stars. Being that anything representing "north" had already been removed from the uniforms and logos, there was no need to change the uniforms in the team's new hometown.