Carolina Hurricanes

When the team became the Carolina Hurricanes, it changed its colors to red, black and silver. The team's crest is a modification of the international hurricane symbol. Their alternate logo features a hockey stick waving a hurricane flag (actual hurricane flags that are flown on beaches have two flags -- one on top of the other).

A black outline was added to the player's names starting with the 2000-01 season.

The team carried over its existing design to the new Reebok Edge uniform system, adding piping around the shoulder yoke.

In 2008, an alternate uniform is introduced for the first time in franchise history, including its Hartford days. In sharp contrast to their regular home uniforms, their alternates are black from head to toe.

On June 4, 2013, the Hurricanes unveiled a new uniform that features different striping patterns on the home and away jerseys. The alternate home jersey from the previous set is retained.

The Hurricanes redesigned their home uniforms for the new Adidas Adizero system, reincorporating black and restoring the warning flag design in the tail stripe. Interestingly, they leave the road uniform largely untouched.

In creating their new alternate uniform, the Hurricanes correct a long-standing error in their alternate logo. Their original alternate logo featured only one flag, which signifies a tropical storm and not a hurricane. Their new alternate logo fixes that. Also, if you look very carefully, between the two flags is the outline of the state of North Carolina. Clever, I must say!

2019-22, 2023-present
With new owner Tom Dundon thoroughly disliking his team's road uniforms, he had them redesigned. It features the CANES wordmark in diagonal across the front and a 3D logo on the sides of the helmet (which went away once ads started appearing on helmets). When the red uniform returned in the fall of 2023 following a one-year hiatus, it was relegated to alternate status, with the black uniform being elevated to primary status in 2022-23.

The black uniform, previously the alternate, becomes the Hurricanes' new primary home uniform; and in honor of the team's 25th anniversary in North Carolina, they bring back their original red uniforms as an alternate, which was worn 12 times in 2022-23.

Special Event Uniforms

2018-pres. Heritage Uniform
After Tom Dundon purchased the Hurricanes, the team started to honor their Hartford roots by wearing replicas of the Whalers' green uniform on occasion. While the Hurricanes now embrace their Hartford history, they have not re-retired the numbers that had previously been retired. That led to Dougie Hamilton taking the ice in a Whalers jersey with the number 19 that had been retired in honor of Johnny "Pie" McKenzie, much to the dismay of McKenzie's family and Bruins' play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards.

2021 Reverse Retro
The Hurricanes throw it back to their Hartford Whalers days, incorporating the silver in the franchise's color scheme.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
While these are certainly reverse, they're definitely not retro. Perhaps not understanding the assignment, the Hurricanes swap the colors of their current road uniform for their 2022-23 Reverse Retro entry.

2023 Stadium Series
The Hurricanes' 2023 Stadium Series jersey is undoubtedly inspired by the state's auto racing culture.