Vegas Golden Knights

The Golden Knights introduce steel gray to the NHL's color palette with their inaugural uniforms.

The Golden Knights really become golden, with their new metallic gold alternate jersey, which is essentially a color swap with their regular jerseys. They also introduce a chrome gold helmet that's occasionally worn with the gray jerseys. For the 2022-23 season, the gold and gray jerseys swap places, with the gold being the primary and the gray serving as the alternate.

Special Event Uniforms

2021 Reverse Retro
With the Golden Knights being such a new franchise, they had no retro uniforms to throw back to for the NHL's Reverse Retro series. So they threw back to the Las Vegas Thunder, who played in the IHL in the latter half of the 1990s.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
The Golden Knights pay tribute to the 1995-96 Las Vegas Thunder with their 2022-23 Reverse Retro uniforms. The "Vegas" lettering is in the font of the Excalibur hotel, and the numbers are in the font of the Stardust hotel, which was imploded in 2007. In very Vegas fashion, the uniform features elements that glow in the dark -- including (and, perhaps especially) the sponsor logos because, you know, money and stuff.