Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers reintroduced orange to the NHL's color palette in 1967. Their crest -- a black winged "P" with an orange dot in the center -- has remained virtually unchanged since day one.

The numbers gained a black outline.

Names were added to the home jerseys.

Names were added to the away jerseys.

The sleeve stripe was redone so that the number fits completely inside.

The Flyers broke new ground in 1981 with the introduction of long pants known as Cooperalls. The goal was to make the uniform lighter -- in effect making the players faster. Little did they know that they would present a safety hazard, since it made players slide faster on the ice when upended.

The long pants return for one more season before the NHL outlaws them. This time, there's no side stripe, and the Flyers' logo appears at the very bottom. The jersey also undergoes a minor modification.

With the long pants now banned by the NHL, the Flyers are forced to reintroduce socks to their uniform set. The stripes on the socks they wore in 1983-84 would last one season.

The sock stripes change to the pattern that would be worn for the next quarter-century. In fact, the white jersey remains identical -- right down to the name and number font -- until the Reebok Edge uniform system takes over.

The Flyers introduce a new black alternate jersey -- essentially a recoloring of their orange jersey.

The orange jersey is retired, leaving the black jersey to be worn on the road full time.

A new orange alternate jersey is introduced, featuring the first modification to the winged "P" logo in franchise history.

The Flyers made only minor modifications to their uniforms when the Reebok Edge uniform system is introduced. The logo and letter/number fonts remain the same.

The Flyers introduce a new alternate jersey. It's actually an old jersey -- essentially recreating the orange uniform they wore in the mid-1970s, when they wore white nameplates on occasions that called for it at the time. For 2009-10, it would swap places with the black uniform, becoming the new primary home uniform, relegating the black uniform to alternate status.

For the 2010 Winter Classic, the Flyers wore white throwback jerseys, featuring a never-before-used black nameplate. The jersey was so popular with Flyers fans that it became their new road jersey for the 2010-11 season. Also, the black jersey is retired.

The Flyers dusted off their 2012 Winter Classic uniform, removed the patch and inside collar inscription, and declared it their new alternate uniform.

The Flyers introduced a special alternate jersey in honor of its 50th anniversary, featuring gold numbers and gold trim.

The Flyers carried over their designs to the new Adidas Adizero jersey system.

The Flyers dusted off their 2017 Stadium Series uniform and made it their new alternate.

The Flyers tweak their primary uniforms, combining elements from several different eras -- their original shade of orange ("burnt orange"), the wide racing sleeve stripe, the single-color sleeve numbers and the contrasting nameplate.

Special Event Uniforms

2010 Winter Classic
The Flyers take the ice wearing the white version of their home uniform against the Bruins at Fenway Park. The Flyers lost in overtime, 2-1. The following season, the uniform would become the Flyers' full-time road uniform.

2012 Winter Classic
The Flyers introduce a new orange uniform as they hosted the Rangers at Citizens Bank Park. The Flyers lost, 3-2. The uniform would become their alternate uniform in 2014-15.

2017 Stadium Series
The Flyers introduce a new black uniform as they took on the Penguins at Heinz Field. The Flyers fall to 0-3 in outdoor games with a 4-2 loss. As was the case with their previous two outdoor game uniforms, this one would become a part of the Flyers' regular rotation starting in 2018-19.

2019 Stadium Series
In a Stadium Series rematch from two seasons earlier, the Flyers finally get into the win column with a come-from-behind 4-3 overtime win over the Penguins. The Flyers (and Penguins) take the ice wearing uniforms completely devoid of white.

2021 Reverse Retro
The Flyers bring back their orange jerseys from 1982-2007, with the black and orange elements swapped out for one another.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
The Flyers turn the clock back to 1982, with orange and black swapped out throughout much of the uniform. The Flyers will wear the infamous Cooperalls as part of their uniform set -- albeit just for pre-game warmups, since Cooperalls are still banned for use during games. Rules are still rules.