Anaheim Ducks

a.k.a. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (1993-2006)

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim made their NHL debut in 1993, wearing uniforms of jade and eggplant.

The Mighty Ducks were one of the charter teams in the NHL's third jersey program, introducing one of the wildest jerseys ever worn. Known as the "Wild Wing" jersey, the front featured a sublimated image of the team's mascot crashing through a sheet of ice, and the back featured the player's name and number in a nearly impossible-to-read Mistral font. This jersey only lasted a few games before being retired.

1996-97, 2000-03
The alternate jersey is retired, and the two regular jerseys gain alternate logo shoulder patches.

The Mighty Ducks re-enter the third jersey program -- and introduce a fourth jersey for good measure. The pants also change to solid black for the next two years.

The third and fourth jerseys get their own socks.

The jade alternate jersey is retired, leaving the Mighty Ducks with only one alternate -- the white one. Also, the eggplant pants with the jade stripe is restored.

After going without an alternate jersey for three seasons, the Mighty Ducks try yet again with one -- this time, it's black with eggplant and silver trim -- totally devoid of jade. Also, the pants are now stripeless.

Anaheim Ducks

No longer "Mighty," the newly-named Anaheim Ducks change their colors to black, gold and orange (an ode to the county they play in -- Orange County). Despite "Mighty" no longer being a part of the team's nickname, this team was the franchise's mightiest of all -- they won the Stanley Cup.

The Ducks carry over their new design to the Reebok Edge uniform system. In its first year, the crest was slightly smaller.

The Ducks introduce an alternate jersey which features orange more prominently.

The Ducks' alternate home uniform that they wore from 2010-14, featuring the webbed "D" crest, becomes the basis for their new home and away uniforms. The home jerseys undergo some minor modifications, including a mock tie-down collar and orange trim around the numbers.

The Ducks introduce a new orange alternate jersey that pays homage to its original identity, complete with a recolored version of its original crest. The tail stripe pattern also harkens back to the original one, albeit no longer at an angle. The jersey was introduced with zero fanfare -- no unveiling ceremony, no teasers, not even a press release.

The Ducks retire their orange alternates and carry over their primary designs to the new Adidas Adizero uniform system.

To commemorate the team's 25th season, the Ducks roll out a special one-season-only alternate uniform.

After a two-year hiatus, the Ducks reinstate their orange alternate uniforms they wore from 2015-17, this time in the Adidas Adizero cut.

The Ducks bring back jade and eggplant as they introduce a special 30th anniversary alternate uniform that will likely only be worn in 2023-24.

Special Event Uniforms

2013 20th Anniversary
The Ducks celebrated their 20th anniversary by wearing their original eggplant uniforms in their October 13, 2013, game against the Senators -- a game which the Ducks won, 4-1.

2014 Stadium Series
The Ducks take the ice wearing orange jerseys as they faced the Kings in their 2014 Stadium Series matchup at Dodger Stadium. The Ducks blanked the Kings, 3-0.

2021 Reverse Retro
The Ducks introduce a white version of their infamous Wild Wing jersey from 1996. When the Ducks wore them for the first time on March 16, the names on the back were vertically arched as they were on the original Wild Wing jersey. One small problem: the official NHL style guide shows the names on the back as being straight across on a nameplate. So when the Ducks broke out their Reverse Retros again on April 24, they changed the names to adhere to the style guide.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
The Ducks break out their original 1993 white uniform in their current color palette.