California Golden Seals

a.k.a. California Seals (1967),
Oakland Seals (1967-70)

California Seals

The team opened play in 1967 as the California Seals, and the crest was initially a "C" with a seal leaping out of it.

Oakland Seals

With the team struggling at the gate, it would rechristen itself as the Oakland Seals on December 8, 1967 The ends of the "C" on the crest would close, forming an "O." Also around that time on the home green uniform, the team added a white inner layer to the existing blue number on the back to answer complaints from their fans that the numbers were hard to make out. The addition of the inner white layer created the double outline effect.

The stripes and the shoulder yoke on the green (home) jersey undergo a slight change, as do the sock stripes.

California Golden Seals

Flamboyant businessman Charlie O. Finley buys the team in 1970 and renames it the California Golden Seals. The uniforms undergo a complete redesign, and the colors become kelly green and gold. Those seemed to have been Finley's favorite colors, as he dressed the two other teams he owned -- Major League Baseball's Oakland A's and the American Basketball Association's Memphis Tams -- in the exact same colors. Not pictured: the white skates the team wore with these uniforms.

The tie-down neck becomes a V-neck.

Finley sells the team in 1974. With that sale, kelly green gives way to teal as the team's new primary color.