Arizona Coyotes

a.k.a. Phoenix Coyotes (1996-2014)

Phoenix Coyotes

The two shoulder patches are not the same. The one on the right shoulder reads PHOENIX COYOTES; the one on the left shoulder reads GOALS FOR KIDS -- the team's charity that carried over to Phoenix from Winnipeg.

The Coyotes introduce a new green alternate jersey, complete with a desertscape at the bottom and at the sleeve ends.

The crest on the alternate jersey gains a sand outline. Starting with the 2001-02 season, the left shoulder patch changes to the team's regular alternate logo, reading PHOENIX COYOTES instead of GOALS FOR KIDS.

The Coyotes redesign their uniforms just in time for their move into arena. Their new uniform set features considerably fewer colors than its predecessor -- brick red, sand, black and white. Hunter green, sienna and purple are retired.

The Coyotes make a couple minor changes with the new Reebok Edge uniform system. The tail stripes are eliminated, the coyote head is tilted slightly counterclockwise, and the white jersey gains a brick red shoulder yoke.

The Coyotes introduce a black alternate, featuring a crest of a full-body coyote.

Arizona Coyotes

When the team changed its name to the Arizona Coyotes, the only change they made was to the shoulder patch, changing the PHX at the bottom to AZ. Also, the team retired their alternate uniform.

Under the darkest cloud of uncertainty hovering over the franchise, the Coyotes introduce new uniforms for the 2015-16 season, featuring black more prominently than their monochrome predecessors.

With elements of the Adidas Adizero system already included in their previous uniforms, the only notable change when Adidas took over from Reebok was in the collar treatment.

The Coyotes bring back their original Kachina-style black jerseys (albeit Adidas-ified) as their new alternates.

For the team's 25th season in Arizona, the Coyotes make their throwback Kachina uniform their primary home uniform. And for the silver anniversary, the numbers on the Kachina jerseys are now trimmed in silver instgead of brick red.

Special Event Uniforms

2015-17 Heritage Uniform
For three seasons, the Coyotes would wear their original black Kachina-style uniform on one or two occasions. It would re-enter the team's regular uniform rotation starting in 2018-19.

2021 Reverse Retro
The Coyotes' first-ever alternate uniform is the basis of their Reverse Retro uniform, with purple replacing green in the main body of the jersey and socks.