St. Louis Blues

Thanks to modern-day travel, it becomes much easier for St. Louis to host an NHL franchise. More than 30 years following the demise fo the one-season wonder Eagles, the St. Louis Blues take to the ice wearing (appropriately) blue (and gold) jerseys. The sleeve and tail stripes on the white jersey would change for the playoffs.

The shoulder yoke becomes longer, extending down into the top of the sleeve. Also, the sleeve numbers on the white jersey go away.

The sleeve numbers on the white jerseys are restored, and the color pattern on the blue jersey's stripes are reversed.

Names are added to the home jersey.

Names are added to the road jersey, thanks to a new NHL rule.

The shoulder yoke on the blue jerseys gain gold and white stripes.

The blue becomes a shade darker, and the blue note is joined by a script logo above.

Red joins the team's color scheme.

The BLUES script goes away.

The edges on the blue note are more rounded.

The names take the same color pattern as the numbers on both jerseys.

Red becomes more prominent on the road jersey in the team's redesign.

The Blues introduce their future home uniform as their alternate in the 1997-98 season.

The new uniforms take full hold as red is retired from the team's color scheme.

The striping pattern changes on the new Reebok Edge uniforms.

A new navy blue alternate uniform is introduced, along with a new circular crest that features the city's famous Gateway Arch.

Vertical piping on the primary home and away jerseys gives way to more traditional horizontal striping.

The alternate uniform is retired.

With the notable exception of the numbers changing from gold to white on the home jerseys, the uniforms essentially remain unchanged when Reebok gives way to Adidas.

The Blues dust off their Winter Classic uniforms from 2017 and make them their new alternate, to be worn during Saturday home games.

Special Event Uniforms

2017 Winter Classic
The Blues wore replicas of their original blue uniform as they hosted the Blackhawks, beating them 4-1, in the 2017 Winter Classic.

2019-pres. Vintage Uniform
Beginning in the 2019-20 season, the Blues wore their mid-1990s vintage uniforms for select home games.

2021 Reverse Retro
The Blues go red, going with a recolored version of their 1995-98 road uniforms for their Reverse Retro set.

2022 Winter Classic
Just as it had for their previous Winter Classic appearance, the Blues wore ar replicas of their original uniforms as they took on the Wild in Minneapolis in the 2022 Winter Classic. This time, it was their original (vintage) white uniform that they wore as they won the coldest game in NHL history, 6-4.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
The prototype jersey the Blues unveiled in 1966 immediately after being awarded an NHL franchise will finally see the ice, albeit in recolored fashion.