Columbus Blue Jackets

For the Blue Jackets' first three seasons, their secondary logo was a lime green hornet named Stinger. That alternate logo was worn on the shoulders and on the pants.

The numbers become more narrow and the names on the back shrink slightly.

The Blue Jackets introduce an alternate jersey with a new crest that features Ohio's state flag wrapping around a star. Also, Stinger is retired.

The alternate crest becomes the team's primary logo when the Reebok Edge uniform system takes over.

The Blue Jackets unveil a new alternate uniform, featuring the NHL's newest fad -- inscriptions on the inside of the rear collar. This one reads, "We fight, we march!" That was the team's motto during its initial playoff run in 2009. For the 2010-11 season only, there was a tribute on the outside of the rear collar to the team's late owner, John H. McConnell.

The Blue Jackets replace their shoulder patches with a scaled-down, re-colored version of their alternate uniform crest.

The Blue Jackets change their letter and number font when the Adidas Adizero uniform system takes hold. Also, the striping pattern on the socks now match that of the jersey sleeves.

The Blue Jackets reinstate their alternate uniform after a one-year absence, this time using the new name/number font.

The Blue Jackets switch to blue pants to be worn with their road jerseys, becoming the first team to wear different pants at home and on the road since the Colorado Rockies in the early 1980s. The Jackets previously wore the blue pants as part of their 2021 Reverse Retro uniform.

Special Event Uniforms

2021 Reverse Retro
The Blue Jackets' Reverse Retro entry is a recoloring of their inaugural uniform, minus Stinger. After all, nothing quite says "Blue" Jackets more than red jerseys.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
The Blue Jackets change up the colors on their original alternate uniform, giving it a black base (whereas black was originally on the sleeves) and incorporating the light blue secondary color of their current alternates.