Chicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks began their NHL existence wearing white and black jerseys.

The Blackhawks reversed their colors the following season.

The Blackhawks went back to white socks.

The stripes on the pants change.

The Blackhawks add red to their jerseys. This uniform would change mid-season.

The Blackhawks add tan to their uniforms.

The Blackhawks go to a multi-stripe barberpole jersey.

The stripes on the pants and socks change.

The barberpole pattern on the jersey changes.

The Blackhawks add a white jersey to wear in games in which more contrast between the two teams' jerseys is needed.

The crest on the barberpole jersey changes, and an Indian head patch is added to the white jersey.

The stripes on the white jersey are reversed.

The crest on the black jersey changes, the stripes on the white jersey change, and the Indian head patch on the white jersey disappears.

The crest on the black jersey changes again, and the white jersey now features a crest on the front instead of the number.

The striping pattern on the barberpole jersey changes.

The Blackhawks change both jerseys to a pattern they would keep intact for the most part ever since.

The "C" with the crossed tomahawks on the sleeves are enlarged.

Numbers are added to the sleeves.

The stripes on the sleeves on the white jersey change slightly.

The sleeve logos shrink in size and are repositioned.

The sleeve numbers on the red jersey no longer overlap the stripes.

The sleeve stripes on the red jersey change.

The sleeve stripes on the white jersey change.

The crest undergoes a slight cosmetic change.

The numbers now have a trim.

Names are added to the jerseys in compliance with a new NHL rule.

The stripes grow slightly wider.

The crest increases in size, and a new black alternate jersey is introduced.

The tan outline on the crest disappears.

2007-08, 2011-17
The prior uniform design is carried over in its entirety when the Reebok Edge uniform system takes hold.

The design of the black alternate jersey worn since 1996 is reinstated.

The Blackhawks use the vintage uniform they wore in the previous season's Winter Classic as their new alternate uniform.

To the surprise of no one, the Blackhawks carry over their design to the new Adidas Adizero uniform system. As with all Adizero jerseys, the tail stripes now follow the contour of the curved hemline.

The Blackhawks make a slight change to the collar treatment of their jerseys.

Special Event Uniforms

1991-92 NHL 75th
The Blackhawks threw it back to the 1940 as the NHL celebrated its 75th season in 1991-92.

2009 Winter Classic
The Blackhawks wore replicas of their 1935-37 jerseys as they lost to the Red Wings, 6-4, in the 2009 Winter Classic at Chicago's Wrigley Field.

2014 Stadium Series
The Blackhawks wore this uniform as they beat the Penguins in a snowstorm, 5-1, on March 1, 2014.

2015 Winter Classic
The Blackhawks lost to the Capitals, 3-2, while wearing this uniform in the 2015 Winter Classic at Washington's Nationals Park.

2016 Stadium Series
The Blackhawks wore this uniform as they lost to the Minnesota Wild, 6-1, in their Stadium Series matchup at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

2017 Winter Classic
The Blackhawks lost to the Blues, 4-1, at Busch Stadium in St. Louis in the 2017 Winter Classic.

2019 Winter Classic
The Blackhawks lost their fourth straight outdoor game -- this time 4-2 to the Bruins -- while wearing replicas of their original black uniform from the 1920s and 1930s.

2021 Reverse Retro
The Blackhawks' Reverse Retro uniforms are based on the ones they wore in 1940, the only uniforms in the Reverse Retro series that pre-date the NHL's expansion era.

2022-23 Reverse Retro
The Blackhawks' inspiration for their 2022-23 Reverse Retro uniform was their look from 1938, with the word "Chicago" front and center instead of contained inside a roundel.