San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks introduce teal to the NHL's color palette in 1991.

The Sharks introduce an alternate jersey in the 1997-98 season, featuring a slightly darker shade of teal. Originally, the names were straight and were trimmed in black. They proved to be very hard to see, and they were quickly changed to a single-color, arched format.

The alternate jersey from the previous season becomes the basis of the team's new home jersey, and the alternate becomes the new full-time road jersey.

The Sharks introduce a new black alternate jersey.

The Sharks redesign their uniforms when the Reebok Edge uniform system is introduced. The new uniforms feature orange trim and a number placed on the upper right chest.

The Sharks introduce a new black alternate jersey, devoid of orange (except in the crest).

The Sharks simplify their uniforms, saying fewer elements make for a lighter jersey, thus improving on-ice performance.

To mark their 25th anniversary, the Sharks replaced their front numbers with an anniversary patch. When the patch was removed the following season, the front numbers did not return.

When the league transitioned to the Adidas Adizero uniform system, the Sharks replaced their shoulder patches with alternate logos introduced a year earlier (but had not been incorporated into any of their jerseys), using different alternate logos for their home and road jerseys.

The Sharks introduce a new black "Stealth" alternate uniform, featuring a subtle circuit board pattern between the two teal sleeve stripes.