Los Angeles Kings

The Kings introduced purple (officially Forum blue) to the NHL color palette in 1967. Their colors matched those of their NBA arena mates, the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Kings added a white outline to the crest and numbers.

The Kings introduced gold pants that they wore with their gold jerseys.

The purple stripe on their gold jersey moves to the very bottom.

The Kings permanently add names to their purple jerseys to comply with the NHL's new rule requiring names on all jerseys. They had worn names on their purple jerseys on several occasion in prior years -- needing to remove them when the home team disallowed them to wear them.

The gold pants are retired.

The Kings redesign their uniforms in 1980, keeping their color scheme and adding neck-to-cuff stripes down the sleeves.

Coinciding with the arrival of Wayne Gretzky, the Kings change their colors to black and silver, essentially going from Lakers colors to Raiders colors (the NFL's Raiders played their home games in Los Angeles at the time).

The Kings change the trim on their letters and numbers. As a result, the names and numbers on their home jerseys are nearly entirely unintelligible. They would rectify this the following season.

The numbers on their home jerseys and on the sleeves of their away jerseys change to black with silver trim, and the letters become single-color on both.

The NHL debuts its third jersey program after the All-Star break in 1996, and the Kings use the occasion to roll out what would be known as the Burger King jersey. Needless to say, it would only last one season. Also, the stripes on the pants disappear.

Burger King is put to pasture.

The Kings reintroduce purple (albeit a different shade) to their color scheme when they redesign their uniforms.

The Kings unveil a new purple alternate jersey, with their alternate crown logo serving as its crest.

The logos on the Kings' jerseys are flip-flopped. The crown becomes their primary logo, and the shield with crossed sticks becomes the secondary logo. The colored socks are also reversed -- black socks are worn with black jerseys, and purple socks are worn with purple jerseys.

The jerseys undergo a couple slight changes when the Reebok Edge uniform system is introduced. The most notable one is the elimination of the tail stripes.

The Kings reach back to the Gretzky years in designing their new alternate home uniform, which is totally devoid of purple.

The Kings swap their primary and alternate home uniforms, and their new home uniform becomes the basis of their new road uniform.

The alternate home uniform is retired, officially eliminating purple from the team's color scheme.

The Kings introduce a special alternate uniform, featuring gold-trimmed letters and numbers, for the team's golden anniversary.

The Kings make no changes, keeping the inconsistent sleeve widths and tail stripe treatment when moving over to the new Adidas Adizero uniform system.

The Kings resurrect their 50th anniversary jersey, replacing the gold elements with silver.