Calgary Flames

The Flames' first jerseys were essentially a continuation of their Atlanta jerseys, with the obvious crest change.

In 1981, the collar on the Flames' red jerseys underwent a very minor change.

The Flames underwent their first significant redesign in franchise history in 1995 (actually 1994, but the uniforms did not debut until 1995 due to an owners' lockout). Black is introduced as a new accent color. It would later have a more prominent role in the team's uniforms.

The Flames add a new black alternate jersey in 1998, featuring a new flaming horse crest.

The black alternate jersey becomes the basis of the team's new home uniforms.

When dark uniforms became home uniforms for the 2003-04 season, the Flames reintroduced red as its primary color. Initially, the names on the red jerseys were black with white trim, but it seems no one could read them. So the colors were reversed.

The black jersey is retired.

The Flames' uniforms undergo a redesign when the Reebok Edge uniform system is introduced. The jerseys feature the flags of Alberta and Canada.

2009-13, 2016-17
The sock stripes change to a more traditional pattern on the regular home and away uniforms. For the 2009-10 season, the Flames celebrated (albeit prematurely, thanks to the 2004-05 lockout) their 30th season in Calgary by breaking out throwback uniforms in the prior generation's cut. For the 2010-11 season, it became the team's new full-time alternate uniform and is given the Reebok Edge treatment.

For three seasons, the Flames replaced their throwbacks with a new uniform as their designated alternates. They kept the throwbacks as one-offs during that time before reinstating them as their alternates.

The most notable change when Adidas took over for Reebok as the NHL's jersey manufacturer is that while the letter and number font is the same, it's no longer italicized.

The Flames reinstate their retro alternate uniform, this time in the Adidas Adizero system.