New Jersey Devils

When the team moved for the second time, it changed its colors to red and dark green. The crest featured a stylized "NJ" with devils' horns and tail. Overall, the Devils' look has changed very little in the years since moving to New Jersey.

In 1992, the Devils made their only major change to their uniforms to date. They replaced green with black and slightly redid their stripes and shoulder yoke. The look remained the same for nearly a quarter century, right down to the letter and number fonts.

The Devils carried over their uniform design to the new Reebok Edge uniform system. When everyone else was having fancy unveiling parties for their new Reebok Edge uniforms, the Devils issued a press release saying no such event would take place, since there's nothing new to see.

When Adidas took over from Reebok, the Devils made significant changes to their uniform design for the first time in a quarter-century. Most notable, the tail stripe was replaced by a thin black trim at the base, and the width of the bordering sleeve stripes was the same as the middle stripe. The latter was done in tribute to the team's predecessors, the Colorado Rockies, whose sleeve stripes, albeit of different colors, had similar dimensions.